Hilt & Guard 3D scan

Making the Most of Your Precious Memories Forever

Certain moments in your life absolutely must be captured. When the moment is so special that it requires more than just photos to remember it by, 3D selfies are the answer!

Step into our 3D scanning booth, strike a pose, and in a few seconds, every angle of your image is captured using 93 high-resolution cameras and eight LED projectors. We then use these images to 3D-print a beautiful, full-color figurine that will be treasured for a lifetime!

Your memories are the most precious things you own. At Envision 3D Scanning, our goal is to make sure your most cherished memories are captured forever in a unique and timeless piece that you can’t find anywhere else. With over 20 years of 3D printing experience, no one is better equipped to help you capture those forever memories than Envision 3D Scanning.

Full-Body Scanning

Step into our 3D scanner. With 93 high-res cameras and 8 LED projectors, we’ll capture you from every angle—in about two seconds!

Full-Color 3D Printing

Once you’re happy with your 3D image, we’ll print it for you in full color using our CMYK powder bed 3D printer.

3D Printing Services

We also offer complete design services, 2D-to-3D file conversion, reverse engineering, professional 3D printing, and post-processing services.