How to Make the Most of Your 3D Scan

What should I wear?

Your favorite clothes or costume! Bright colors and patterns look great in scans.


  • Dangling jewelry such as loose earrings or bracelets.
  • Mid-length dresses or skirts. Dresses or skirts should either be full length or high enough off the ground to capture your legs and feet.
  • Reflective or sheer clothing.

How many people can you scan at once?

Our scanner setup is ideal for scanning one or two people at a time. If you would like more than two people in your scan, please call our office for details.

How many poses do I get?

You will get three or four poses per session. After your scan, you’ll view all your poses, then select the one you wish to print. Your selected pose will be process for review within five minutes.

How long before I get my figurine?

Your model can usually be picked up at our office or delivered within two to three weeks.

Do you scan things other than people?

Yes. We have recently added structured light 3D scanning to our services to increase our reverse engineering services. For more information, see our Structured Light page.

Do you make wedding cake toppers?

Absolutely! Cake toppers are the same price as our duo figurines; however, there might be price variations due to the size/volume of the dress, as noted on our Sizes & Pricing page. Contact us for more information.

What about privacy?

Don’t worry—this is not an airport x-ray scanner! We are only capturing photos, and we can only see what the camera sees. Once your images are captured, they’re securely stored on our private server.

We would, however, love to use your image, figurine, or photos of your image or figurine for marketing purposes. You gotta admit, 3D selfies make pretty cool photo ops! If you’d prefer that we not use yours for marketing purposes, please check the appropriate box on your order form at the time of your scan.

Can you come to my event?

Sure! Our 3D scanner is fully portable and can be assembled in about 30 minutes. Give us a call to discuss!

For more questions about the process, feel free to contact us at or call us at (281) 719-5969.